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Ecologic Pond and Lake Reclamation
Ecologic Product Overview - Aeration & Ozonization

- treatment capacity up to 4.5 acres
- combines proven technology of aeration and ozonation
- effective in removing algae, aerating water & eliminating odors
- beautifies, oxygenates and revitalizes stagnant lakes and ponds
- chemical-free, non-toxic, which is safe for human and aquatic life
- low power consumption and minimal labor is required
- automatic and provides continuous treatment without operator attention
Aerated water has long been associated with pure water. Aeration of water occurs in nature when natural processes, such as those found in waterfalls and turbulent streams and rivers, serve to maximize circulation and absorption of oxygen from the air.
On the other hand, these processes are essentially absent in stagnant lakes and ponds, where oxygen depletion and stratification deprive them of their natural beauty and ecologic balance.
In response to this problem, the Eco-Logic Pond & Lake Reclamation System employs an innovative aeration method that directly introduces life-giving airborne oxygen to the bottom of the lake or pond. There, the buoyancy of the rising, minute air bubbles circulate, destratify, and revitalize the oxygen-depleted water.
In addition, the oxygen displaces dissolved carbon dioxide, which is vented to the atmosphere. This reduction in available carbon dioxide in turn reduces the quantity of aquatic weeds and algae that depend on the carbon dioxide for survival. At the same time, the increase in dissolved oxygen levels promotes the proliferation and well-being of fish and other oxygen-dependent aquatic life.
Ozone (O3) is a naturally-occurring, triatomic form of oxygen, having a much higher oxidation potential than ordinary molecular oxygen (O2). Ozone�s attributes as a strong oxidizing agent and an effective disinfectant have led to its use in municipal drinking-water plants since early in this century. Ozone is used in water treatment to destroy bacteria and algae and to oxidize organics and toxic chemicals. As a result of this process, the ozone reverts to ordinary molecular oxygen, leaving no harmful residual, toxic by-products or chemical build-up to contend with.
The Eco-Logic Pond & Lake Reclamation System employs a specially-developed ozone cell to continuously and automatically produce high-purity ozone. This ozone is then combined with pressurized air prior to its injection into the bottom of the lake or pond. There, the ozone is absorbed into the water, along with oxygen from the pressurized air.
This ozone enrichment is employed to accelerate and amplify the beneficial effects of the dissolved oxygen. In addition, the ozone serves to oxidize organics and toxins that are resistant to oxygen alone.
The Eco-Logic Pond & Lake Reclamation System is designed not only to combine the proven technologies of aeration and ozonization, but also to achieve benefits unavailable from either process alone.

Eco-Logic is trademarks of the Atlantic Ultraviolet Corp.
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