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Residential & Recreational Ultraviolet Room Air/Air Duct Disinfection for Room Air Sanitizing & Air Duct Sterilization
Sanitaire ultraviolet room air sanitizers
- Residential models RS72 and RS140
- Units treat 54 to 105 CFM
- Models can be wall or ceiling mounted

Residential & Recreational Air/Surface Applications:

whole house air purifier
room area purifier
apartment purifier
air duct disinfection
forced hot air sterilizer
room air sanitizer
mold control
asthma aid


AeroLogic ultraviolet air duct disinfection units utilize germicidal lamps to protect occupants from potentially harmful airborne microbes including bacteria and virus in new or existing duct systems. Units are constructed of tough, corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel to ensure long life. One, two, or four lamp units in various lengths and configuration.
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