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Room Air /Air Duct Sanitizers

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Wastewater Disinfection
Room Air/Air Duct Sanitizers
Air & Surface Disinfection
Storage Tank Air Sterilizers
Pond, Lake and Swimming Pool UV, Aeration/Ozonation

UV Germicidal
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Commercial & Industrial Ultraviolet Air Purifiers   
for Room Air Sanitizing & Air Duct Sterilization
Sanitaire ultraviolet room air sanitizers
- Residential models RS72 and RS140
- Units treat 54 to 105 CFM
- Models can be wall or ceiling mounted


Commercial & Industrial
Air Applications:

air ducts
forced hot air system
office buildings
conference rooms
food processing
dairy processing
operating rooms
doctors office
methadone clinics
burn centers
TB clinics
pharmaceutical prod.
clean rooms
homeless shelters
prisons and jails
detention centers
animal husbandry

Ozone Generators
kills mold & odor
removes smoke odor
removes strong odors
destroys bacteria air
destroys mold in air
destroys virus in air
Monozone ozonation generator
- Purifies air with ultraviolet technology
- Kills mold and mold odor
- Removes smoke & other strong odors
- Destroys harmful bacteria, mold and viruses in the air
- Units may be mounted on a wall or are available for portable use
- Washable Electrostatic particulate filters
- Disposable filters available for most models


AeroLogic ultraviolet air duct disinfection units utilize germicidal lamps to protect occupants from potentially harmful airborne microbes including bacteria and virus in new or existing duct systems. Units are constructed of tough, corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel to ensure long life. One, two, or four lamp units in various lengths and configuration.
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